Another beautiful day!

Another beautiful day here in Adairsville.  At Vergil’s this is our favorite time of year.  We are looking forward to providing you with unique garden decor this season.  We are also looking forward to seeing you soon.  Please check out our blog often to keep up with our up coming merchandise and events.  Enjoy this beautiful day!


Plants and Store Information

This weekend is a perfect weekend for planting.  Stop by and see our new addition of plants and our line of unique home and garden furniture and décor.  This a list of the selection of plants we have to offer: “Rutgers ” Tomato, “Park’s Whopper Improved CR” Tomato, “Better Boy” Tomato, “Clemson Spineless” Okra, “Hungarian Yellow Wax” Pepper (Medium Hot),“Jalapeno” Pepper (Hot),“ California Wonder” Sweet Bell Pepper (Green),“Golden Summer” Sweet Bell Pepper (Yellow),“Red Knight (X3R)” Sweet Pepper (Red),“Sweet Banana” Pepper, “Yellow Crookneck” Squash, “Pickling” Cucumber, Boston Ferns and “Better Boy” Tomato in a Gallon Pot. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Open. M-Th 9-5 / Friday 9-3 and Saturday 10-2 / 5479 Joe Frank Harris Pkwy, Adairsville GA 30103 / 770-773-7298


The plants are here!! Stop by and see our latest addition to our every growing and changing inventory. 5479 Joe Frank Harris Pkwy, Adairsville GA 30103 /  (770) 773-7298

Now is the time!

The weekend is almost here and it is a perfect time for planting and decorating your outdoor space.  Think of your yard as an extension of your home.  Providing curb appeal will not only make you feel good it will add value to your home.  We have a variety of items to help you do this … including furniture,  yard art and now garden plants.  Stop by and see us at 5479 Joe Frank Harris Pkwy. Adairsville GA 30103 or call us at 770-773-7298.

April is a great time to start planting your vegetable garden

April is a time to start planting a variety of vegetable plants.  Remember that planting times vary depending on the warming temperature of the soil, so times are approximate depending on location.  Also ph requirements are different for each vegetable.  April is the best time to plant the following:

Beets / Broccoli (April-May) / Cabbage / Carrots / Lettuce / Onions / Peanuts (early April) / Peas / Potatoes (April-May) / Radishes and Spinach

New Product Line!

Vergil’s is very excited to announce that in addition to our home decor, garden decor, garden furniture and stack rock we will also be carrying a line of garden plants.  Starting this Thursday 4/15/2010 we will be selling vegetable plants and within the next few weeks we will be adding a line of  flowering plants. 

We will continue to provide you with our excellent customer service and quality products at a great price.  We are looking forward to being able to provide more to meet your home and garden  needs.  This web site only shows a small portion of the wonderful products we have to offer.  Our product line is ever-changing as we work hard to provide you with new and unique home and garden decor.   If you are in the area please stop by and see us at 5479 Joe Frank Harris PKWY, Adairsville GA 30103  / Open: M-TH  9am-5pm / F 9am-3pm and Sat. 10am -2pm or give us a call at (770) 773-7298

Fountains and Water Features

Fountains and outdoor water features are a wonderful way to add value to your home while enhancing your favorite outdoor space. They come in a variety of styles and sizes…something for everyone. Birdbaths

Punxsutawney Phil

Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow today, according to legend that means 6 more weeks of winter.  That gives us 6 weeks to plan and get ready for your spring project. 

Water Features and Outdoor Lighting are a great way to add value to your home and ambiance to that special place outdoors.

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